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Apple’s New Anti-Windows 7 Ads Hurt My Brain

It’s no surprise that Apple has launched a new series of ads to compete with the launch of Windows 7, but the one above in particular really makes me want to smash my head into my desk. It starts with PC saying that Windows 7 is “not going to have any of the problems” Windows [...]
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Bing Adds Twitter and Facebook Posts to Search Results, Should Google Worry?

Update: And like a swift judo chop to the groin for Microsoft, Google has announced a Twitter deal as well. All Things D got the scoop this morning on two upcoming deals Microsoft has made to integrate real time updates from Twitter and Facebook into their Bing search engine. Their post was later confirmed by an [...]
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The Nanda Alarm Clock eBay Fail

You’ve probably already heard about the Nanda Clocky alarm; it’s the alarm that has wheels so that it can race around your bedroom when it goes off in the morning, forcing you to get up and be more alert instead of just hitting snooze. I’ve followed the product since the creator, Guari Nanda, acquired a [...]
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1080p Xbox Movie Streaming Works as Advertised

Zune Video, streaming on Xbox 360 from Ars Technica on Vimeo. The next Xbox Live update will bring a bevy of new features, including Twitter, Facebook, and access. I’m particularly interested to see if works as well all the previews say. Another feature that’s getting less press is the ability to stream 1080p films [...]
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Do Verizon’s “iDon’t” Ads Miss the Point?

I always find it odd that while many seem to have no issue with Apple coming up with new and creative ways to market their products, for some reason it’s an issue when other companies try to market against Apple. Case in point: Ars Technica is currently polling their readers to see what they think [...]
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Cheap Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Coming to a Backpack Near You

Among the many emerging solar technologies out there, dye-sensitized solar cells are perhaps the most interesting due to their incredibly low cost, coupled with their fairly high ~11% efficiency (at least among thin-film panels). According to Technology Review, backpacks coated with the cells for portable gadget recharging were recently unveiled at the Hong Kong Electronics [...]
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